Performance Painter


Brian Olsen’s Art in Action is an explosion: a colorful display of paint, energy, music and passion. Using fingertips, palms, elbows and up to three brushes in each hand, Brian paints portraits of famous people including musicians, sports figures, and top corporate heads on a four and a half by six foot canvas in just a matter of minutes. His creations are choreographed to music that is powerful and stimulates the senses. Brian’s Art in Action is described as “an emotional experience” taking his audience through an amazing journey of excitement, suspense, cheer, and surprise. His ability to captivate his audience and share the experience of color, music, and action is a way to bring people into the world of art and creativity. It is a new artform that brings people together to share the explosion of art and stir up the personal creativity we all have within.

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Brian Olsen at One Mayfair, London. June, 2012
Brian Olsen Featured At lia sophia Fashion Forward Conference 2012
Brian Olsen Paints Live Muses in New Delhi and Mumbai, India
Olsen Opens for Jon Bon Jovi in New York City
Olsen Creates Tribute To Denver Broncos At “Flight To Luxury” Event
Olsen Performs Beneath Wings of Concord For Bentley
Olsen Performs For SPRINT in Palm Springs, California
Olsen’s Explosive July 4th Performance at Sugar House Casino a Hit




PURE ENTERTAINMENT In less than 10 minutes Brian turns an oversized canvas into a work of art. In less than and hour he turns a venue of people into a sea of creative souls. Using six brushes at a time or just his hands, he paints giant portraits of famous musicians, sports legends, iconic movie stars and historic figures – capturing the personality behind the face. And when the canvas comes to life with the last few splashes of paint it’s truly a thing of beauty.


EDUTAINMENT/KEYNOTE Not only is Brian’s Keynote unique in the world of the performing arts, it teaches you how the creative process can turn anyone in your group into an artist. As an artist you’re going to see things differently – empowering you to overcome obstacles and be more successful. Weather it’s communicating with clients, developing new products or closing more sales, the creative process brings game-changing artistry to everything you do.


GivingBackGIVING BACK/ NON PROFIT Art and philanthropy play well together. Adding Brian Olsen’s Art in Action raises your event’s profile with fundraising bound to follow. Brian’s paintings can then be auctioned, adding another element of entertainment and additional revenue. When you book Brian to perform at your charity event, you get to treat your supporters to a world-class performance. One that can be tailored to your particular cause while adding a sense of strength and optimism to your organization, and creating momentum that will carry over to your next fundraiser of charity gala.


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