McCain Foods Kick Off: A Masterpiece in the Making!

marley live inspires at charity eventMcMcCain foods brought together 250 of their top leaders to kick off a new direction for the company. BRIAN OLSEN ART was there to pump up the crowd and contribute paintings to a wildly successful simultaneously broadcast e-auction.

Who does the world’s largest “Fry Guy” reach out to when they are hosting a massive awards event? Well, when that culinary master is McCain Foods, and they are hosting an event titled, “A Master Piece in the Making,” they knew there was only one choice, Brian Olsen Art in Action!

McCain had reached out to the fantastic In Focus Entertainment with one request, “We need a showstopper that will showcase the passion and hard work behind a masterpiece.” Because of previous experiences working with BRIAN OLSEN ART, In Focus Entertainment knew they could count on Brian to be the “quintessential professional!”owner Robyn stated, “I really appreciate how Brian spends the time to understand our groups and our objectives and then is able to personalize his performance and message to any event.”

Brian Olsen Art in Action delivered. The client was so excited following the performance that they chose to purchase all three paintings for a post-event, online charity auction on behalf of Feed My Starving Children.

Following the event, excited attendees were overheard saying, “The awards dinner was one of the best ever…Brian Olsen was awesome - Very creative and different – Love that we are auctioning his paintings for charity"

"Great evening! Brian Olsen was AMAZING! I loved this and the fact that we’re going to take the proceeds from the art and donate to Feed My Starving Children!"

Brian, himself, was overhead saying how much of a thrill it always is to be able to create a work of art in front of a live audience. Having his art called a “masterpiece” and knowing it could do so much good for such a great charity was exhilarating and humbling.


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Performance Artist Brian Olsen - Art in Action