GVH Foundation: Fundraising Artfully With Brian Olsen

The Energy of the Art inspires people to get involved with the eventBrian’s performance for Gunnison Valley Health

(GVH) was so successful that the smiles were still on their faces when they booked him as the featured entertainment for a Celebrity Golf event. Members of the community were buzzing throughout the year waiting for Brian’s return. His donated performance paintings raised life-changing funds!

Fundraising events are important for any organization that relies on donations to operate. Competing for dollars in a difficult economy requires creating events that not only bring people in, but that also get them to open up their hearts and wallets while in attendance. Attendees want to know they are “doing good,” but they also want to get a great value for their contribution. That is why the GVH Foundation brought in BRIAN OLSEN ART, for the second year in a row, to perform and provide unique original artwork for the foundations auction. There are only so many live paintings up for bid at each event, and those who missed out last year were thrilled to be able to attempt and outbid their fellow attendees this year.

Not only do the winners go home with a unique piece of art, but also they are constantly reminded of the good they did when they see it hanging in their home or office. Executive Director of GVH, Nancy Osmundson, says that Brian is constantly talked about in the community and that is why it was a no-brainer to invite him back for this encore performance.

If you are looking for a way to raise life-changing funds at your next event, remember that BRIAN OLSEN ART generously donates all of the paintings to qualified 501c3 organizations to auction during the event.

Gunnison Valley Health Association

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Performance Artist Brian Olsen - Art in Action