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Medical Conference Gives Back Big with the help of BRIAN OLSEN ART

Brian Olsen and Sinbad teamed up to create an energetic atmoshprereBrian Olsen Art and Sinbad teamed up with OnStage Talent Group to entertain and motivate 5,000 attendees at a massive multi-day medical conference.

OnStage Talent Group is used to getting client requests for rock stars like Sheryl Crow and Lenny Kravitz, top comedians such as Jay Lenno, and sports icons, such as Phil Jackson and Pat Riley. But when their client came to them with their biggest event of the year, tied to a fundraiser, they knew Brian Olsen Art would be the perfect fit. Brian’s performance was a huge success and the monies raised by the auction of his paintings went to a great cause.

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The Art of Speed Painting

Speed painting is both a painting and performance style that grows more and more popular with time. The terms “speed painting” and “speed painter”, however, fail to describe the multiple skills needed to produce quality artwork of this type.

Denny Dent is recognized as the first painter to introduce this type of painting style to the American art scene in 1981. His frenzied live performances captivated countless audiences who sat in utter amazement as they watched him produce great artwork (usually of famous people) through unique techniques known as an “Art Attack”. Although he passed away from heart complications on March 29, 2004, his flamboyant, passionate style of painting lives on.

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GVH Foundation: Fundraising Artfully With Brian Olsen

The Energy of the Art inspires people to get involved with the eventBrian’s performance for Gunnison Valley Health

(GVH) was so successful that the smiles were still on their faces when they booked him as the featured entertainment for a Celebrity Golf event. Members of the community were buzzing throughout the year waiting for Brian’s return. His donated performance paintings raised life-changing funds!

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McCain Foods Kick Off: A Masterpiece in the Making!

marley live inspires at charity eventMcMcCain foods brought together 250 of their top leaders to kick off a new direction for the company. BRIAN OLSEN ART was there to pump up the crowd and contribute paintings to a wildly successful simultaneously broadcast e-auction.

Who does the world’s largest “Fry Guy” reach out to when they are hosting a massive awards event? Well, when that culinary master is McCain Foods, and they are hosting an event titled, “A Master Piece in the Making,” they knew there was only one choice, Brian Olsen Art in Action!

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3.2.1… Talk Now: Networking Events with Deloitte

Brian Olsen is Art in Action adding a dynamic and energetic element to any eventBrian was thrilled to return to Deloitte Consulting for the 5th year in a row. Future CFO’s were brought together from around the world for a weekend of learning, networking and inspiration.

When a client like Deloitte Consulting comes back to BRIAN OLSEN ART multiple times over the course of 5 years, you’d like to think you are doing something right. At the same time, you know you need to up your game each time.  While the attendees are different, word can get out and the surprise, while no less exciting live, risks being spoiled just a bit. So how does BRIAN OLSEN ART keep things fresh?

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