Brian Olsen at One Mayfair, London. June, 2012

Brian Olsen Performs at One Mayfair for Deutsche Bank. Produced by TBA.

Brian Olsen Performs at One Mayfair for Deutsche Bank. Produced by TBA.

One Mayfair Soaks up worship and praise in a new way as a flexible venue space for both corporate and exclusive events. Once a church for worship, One Mayfair now houses fashion shows put on by Hardy Amies to appearances by celebrities such as Rhianna, Stella McCartney and super model Kate Moss. Each has blessed the space with their presence and creativity in a refreshing new light.

On June 14th, with Euro 2012 in full force, Brian Olsen’s performance was no exception at One Mayfair. Olsen performed during an exclusive event for Deutsche Bank produced by TBA. His explosive performance upon the alter was perfect for engaging new conversation for the predominately male guests as he swiftly created portraits of John Lennon, Marilyn Monroe, Mohammad Ali and Elvis. The neoclassic space, formally Saint Marks Church, was intentionally decorated to compliment the brilliant colors of Olsen’s paintings. At the center of the space was a glowing white bar with a huge yellow vase of delphiniums and hydrangea reaching out towards the vaulted ceilings. Rainbows of light cascaded across the high pillars and gothic features that supported the wooden balconies above. With Brian’s set complete and displayed on alter, DJ Shailen commenced the event with his heart pumping tunes for dancing to the end of the evening. This was certainly an event to remember at an irreplaceable, historical and somewhat controversial venue in the heart of London.

This simply shows that anything is possible through creativity.

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