29 May 2012

History Channel’s “Pawn Stars”, Features Mentor Denny Dent’s Art

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mentor-denny-dents-art-featured-on-history-channels-pawn-starsIt hasn’t taken long for the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, located in Las Vegas, to be frequented by the public since the owners Rick, Richard and Cory Harrison are now well known reality TV stars on the History Channel’s show “Pawn Stars”. In fact, these walking and talking libraries, were runners up in the 2012 Time 100 Poll alongside, Alice Walton- Art Collector and daughter of Walmart Founder Sam Walton, and Sara Blakely- creator of Spanx.

On  the recent 40th episode of “Pawn Stars”, dealer Rick Harrison and his motley son Corey purchased their third original Denny Dent painting; this time an original John Lennon for $4,500.00. Rick Harrison emphasized how Denny Dent had been coined the world’s only “Rock and Roll Painter”, and the first person to ignite performance art, high -speed painting.  Rick and his family say, “everything has a story and a price”, but my time working as Denny’s manager and learning and traveling with Denny was priceless.

To watch this segment again, click here: History Channel ” Pawn Stars” Episode 40 2012

Today, it is remarkable to watch Deny Dent’s artwork become legendary of pop culture, and it is exciting to be a part of this movement he created in performance art.

Brian Olsen

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2 Responses to “History Channel’s “Pawn Stars”, Features Mentor Denny Dent’s Art”

  1. Theresa Kruse says:

    I have an original Denny Dent, It’s Jimmi Hendrix on black paper. My Mom’s mother-in-law bought it from him when he was a street painter in San Francisco. Flower Power days ya know? I was just wondering what it might be worth, it’s also signed in pencil.

  2. Bob Pratt says:

    About 50 yrs ago in dynamic Oakland (yes the interesting and unconventional world of urban Oakland back then with it’s cast of unusual characters was central in Denny’s formative years as a entertainment artist) Denny gave me a original black paper drawing of a young attractive woman that he may of called “Windy”. I have it stored somewhere and may consider selling it.
    Bob Pratt
    Oakland Ph510 six 5 eight four 2 six 8

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